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"During my university studies Kiersten helped me develop and spell check my essays. She was not only able to check mistakes and help me develop ideas for my papers but she taught me how to improve moving forward so that I could be independent. She helped me to develop my thoughts in a professional manner so that I was able to achieve and maintain good grades."

Christina, B.S. Social & Behavioral Sciences

Kimberly, Occupational Therapist

"Throughout my time in undergraduate and graduate school, Kiersten has helped me bring clarity and generate ideas for various papers, assignments, and applications. She is timely, hardworking, and goes above and beyond to ensure that your assignments are clear and cohesive. Kiersten is great to work with and very knowledgeable; I would highly recommend her for any of your writing needs!

"Kiersten’s attention to detail, love for reading and writing, creative ideas, eclectic vocabulary, and dedication to her clients are some of many qualities that set her apart from others in this field. She puts nothing less than 110% into the task at hand while always upholding the values and needs of the client. Kiersten’s help and service to me has not only helped me succeed, but has helped set me and my work apart from others."

Stephanie, Speech Pathologist & Educator

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